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Robb Murchison
Robb Murchison
Creator, Editor, Composer and Cinematographer


Robb Murchison is the creative force behind the "Captain's Tales" series. As the creator, editor, composer and cinematographer of “Captain’s Tales”, Murchison employs a lifetime of experience in crafting the show.

In years past, Murchison’s Fine Art background led him to work with Columbia Pictures’ Music Division and such artists as Jimmy Buffet, Steely Dan, Willie Nelson, Tom Petty, and Bob Marley, to name a few.

Originally from Hollywood, Florida, one of his greatest loves has always been the sea, though. After years of working for Columbia Pictures, Murchison created the fishing series “Tales of the Everglades Angler,” which ran on the Comcast Network and Fox Sports Net channels for over 12 years. After meeting great success with his first fishing show, Murchison ultimately decided to begin work on “Captain’s Tales” after realizing a “hostless” show would place the story in the hands of those individuals who knew the world's waters the best,the captains.

Murchison currently resides and works on “Captain’s Tales” in Naples, Florida where he can be close to his wife, daughters, friends, and the sea.

Underwater Camera

Snook on fly in 1999

Captain Chris Emerine
Captain Chris Emerine
Foslom of Florida - Account Executive

(239) 297-3205

Naples, FL 34119

Captain Chris Emerine was born and raised in Naples, Florida. Growing up he lived directly on the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Spending most his life on the saltwater, Emerine put his fishing knowledge to good use when he began working for Naples’ Sunshine Ace Hardware.

Today, he works for Folsom of Florida supplying Sunshine Ace with their fishing tackle. He also is the contact for "Captain's Tales" Advertising, Production, Captain selection , Website management, and most still shots.

Emerine currently lives in Naples with his wife, seven year old daughter, and four year old son. Whether for work or play, Emerine loves fishing, lobstering and just about anything else to do in Florida’s waters.

Mutton Snapper




Multi Dot Redfish

Gag Grouper

Yellow Tail Snapper

African Pompano

Blackfin Tuna