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Products - Spoons & Jigs - Johnson Silver Minnow
Spoons & Jigs Pure Fishing See Options

Johnson Silver Minnow
Catalog No. 22273-02

Weedless, timeless, matchless. The most versatile and successful lure ever made, the legendary Johnson Silver Minnow is a tackle box standard. It casts a mile, it's unstoppable in slop, and it won't twist your line. It can be trolled or jigged, or just twitched on the bottom. And best of al, it catches anything that swims!


Products - Spoons & Jigs - Krocodile Spoons
Spoons & Jigs Normark See Options

Krocodile Spoons
Catalog No. 9396-08

Krocodiles are stamped and formed from solid brass. Heavy for their size, they offer great castability without sacrificing fish attracting action. These lures offer versatility and work on all types of fish.


Products - Spoons & Jigs - Johnson Sprite
Spoons & Jigs Pure Fishing $2.49

Johnson Sprite
Catalog No. 22273-03

Saltwater- ready to get the job done inshore. Unique zigzag wobble sends a flurry of vibrations through the water. Doesn't twist, crimp, or weaken line.


Products - Spoons & Jigs - Don's Jigheads 4 pack
Spoons & Jigs Don's Jigs $3.59

Don's Jigheads 4 pack
Catalog No. 84990

Don's Jig Heads can be used with both artificial and live baits.
Don's Jig Heads feature Open Hook Eyes and Hand Painted Eyes.