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Products - Tools & Nets - Moonlighter Cast Nets
Tools & Nets Moonlighter See Options

Moonlighter Cast Nets
Catalog No. 85300

Moonlighter nets are made with 1.6lbs per foot and double knotted mesh to prevent rips and tears.


Products - Tools & Nets - Seastriker Gaffs
Tools & Nets Seastriker See Options

Seastriker Gaffs
Catalog No. 8825-01

Made from the highest quality materials on the market, Sea Striker Aluminum Gaffs are serious gaffs for serious fishermen. They feature superior hand-sharpened hooks, polished aluminum handles, and industrial grade high-density foam for maximum gripping power.


Products - Tools & Nets - Titanium Pliers
Tools & Nets Calcutta See Options

Titanium Pliers
Catalog No. 914-01

If you are looking for a tool that will provide you with superior performance, comfort, and durabiltiy under the toughest conditions, you will find it with Cacutta CR Tools.


Products - Tools & Nets - Rapala Plier/Scissors Combo
Tools & Nets Normark $11.49

Rapala Plier/Scissors Combo
Catalog No. HT01405855

The Pliers/Super Line Scissors Combo from Rapala includes the 8-1/2" stainless steel Rapala Fishing Pliers Combo Tool and specially designed Super Line scissors made specially to grip and hold braided line for non-slip, easy cutting.

Products - Tools & Nets - Rapala Fillet Glove
Tools & Nets Normark $15.99

Rapala Fillet Glove
Catalog No. 9396-06

Keep all your digits safely intact with these gloves. A comfy blend of natural and synthetic fibers with stainless steel provides must-have protection.


Products - Tools & Nets - 6
Tools & Nets Normark $18.99

6" Rapala Fillet Knife
Catalog No. HT01402605

Rapala® Fish'n Fillet® Knives. The series includes four blade sizes for every cleaning chore. Features include progressively tapered blades of Scandinavian stainless steel that take and hold an ultra-sharp edge. Functional handle of handsome birch and a fine tooled leather Laplander sheath.

Products - Tools & Nets - 6
Tools & Nets Normark $18.99

6" Rapala Fillet Knife
Catalog No. HT01402609

Rapala® Soft Grip Fillet Knives.The world's most popular fillet knife just got better! Rapala has combined the famous Rapala flexible blade with a no-slip, soft grip handle for filleting comfort. Comes complete with fine-tooled leather Laplander sheath which keeps this indispensible knife ready at your side.

Products - Tools & Nets - Rapala Plier/Knife/Clippers Combo
Tools & Nets Normark $19.99

Rapala Plier/Knife/Clippers Combo
Catalog No. HT01409216

Pliers, Fillet Knife, Clipper... you need 'em all... pick up this Rapala Tool Combo and get 'em all together in one convenient package! Here's the Combo that fills your tackle box with all the essential tools. Includes 6 1/2" Fishing Pliers with soft-grip handles, handy Clipper for snipping line, and a high-quality Falcon Fillet Knife with sheath.

Products - Tools & Nets - Rapala Plier/Forceps Combo
Tools & Nets Normark $23.99

Rapala Plier/Forceps Combo
Catalog No. HT01402455

The perfect combo for any angler. Includes 8-inch stainless steel fishing pliers, 5 1/2-inch stainless steel fishing forceps and a dual sheath with belt clip to keep them readily at hand.